February Founder's Tales

February Founder's Tales

February is Impact Month here at Love Ocean. When I wrote the business plan back in 2019 I identified three key areas of impact for the business.  Preventing and reducing plastic pollution, protecting marine life, and building long term ethical and sustainable business practices. 

This month we certified as a B Corp business along with formalising our partnership and commitment, to donate 2% of annual profits to the Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC). So February is impact month and the month that I give back and hit all three of the impact missions I set out to  achieve. 

Giving back makes us feel good, it feels good to contribute and there is some fascinating science behind this. 

When we feel good about something maybe a new relationship, or a promotion at work we get whats called a "hedonic adaptation", the brains response to dealing with a new good event, but this response generally wears off within a few weeks or months. 

In 2 studies from 2018, researchers evaluated the psychological responses of individuals who gave similar or equal gifts to someone else, versus receiving those same gifts themselves. The results observed that giving to an individual or charity elicited a longer, more resonating feeling of happiness than receiving the same or similar gift themselves. 

So by giving back we are giving ourselves a little longer lasting happiness boost! What's not to love about that.

Until next month 


Gabi x