8 toys to keep young minds and bodies busy in the bath

8 toys to keep young minds and bodies busy in the bath

With toys to suit every age, playing in the bath is something children can enjoy right from when they’re newborns. The following are some of our favourites (just don’t blame us if it means you can’t get them out of the water and into bed…)


Tide Pool Bath Set, by Green Toys

Go rock pooling with this 100% recycled plastic set, made up of sea animals and shells. Not only will the toys help your child learn about what lives in the sea’s shallow waters, the pouring and catching will keep their hands and minds very busy. The seaweed bag is a great place to store the pieces and its holes help them dry easily. This product contains no BPA, phthalates or PVC and is dishwasher safe. It’s also packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and uses eco-friendlier soy inks. 


Colouring in the Bath, by Janod

Start a new masterpiece every day with these six chunky crayons and smiley starfish sponge. Let your child to go crazy with their creativity. Younger children will find the pens easy to hold and older children will love having a big canvas to let their imaginations run wild. And all safely in the knowledge that you can wipe it all off your wall tiles when bath time is over.


Pipes Bath Toy, by Boon

Bring out your child’s inner plumber with these fun pipes: simply stick onto the tiles or inside the tub and you’re good to go. Each pipe has its own unique function – such as a spinning wheel or hole to create a water spout – and will help your child develop their fine motor skills as they pour water and learn about volume. Or join them together to make one big pipe-line extravaganza and watch the water flow.


Who’s in the Ocean? bath book, by Wee Gallery

You’ll have worked out by now that we love the ocean and this is a great book for getting little ones passionate from an early age too. Dunk it in the water and watch the colours change as they learn about the vibrant world under the sea and the amazing creatures that live there. Leave the book to dry and it will go white again, all ready for a colourful surprise next time.


Rainbow Fishing Ducks, by Djeco

That old bath-time favourite – the rubber duck – gets a makeover. This fun hook-a-duck game is perfect for developing your child’s motor, concentration and counting skills. Each duck has a number on the bottom for easy scoring and with two rods so you can join in. And why limit it to bath time? If the weather’s good, head outside for a little friendly competition in a paddling pool or large bucket in the garden.

Bath Explorers Map, by Janod

Take your young adventurers on a trip around the world. With 28 easy-assemble pieces, this foam bath toy won’t simply stimulate their curiosity, but requires some dexterity to put together so is good for developing all kinds of skills. It comes with four vehicle pieces, which go ‘around the world’ by air or sea (dip them into the water and they’ll ‘stick’ to the foam tiles), plus a handy net for easy storage.

5 Activities Buckets, by Janod

This set of adorable animal buckets has different-sized holes in the bottom. Kids will have hours of fun scooping up water and seeing how fast the buckets empty as they pour and catch between them – and all while developing their fine motor skills and coordination at the same time. The buckets stack for simple tidying and are easy to clean. Win-win.


Bath Letters and Numbers, by Munchkin

A,B,C… Easy as 1,2,3… Take the classroom to the bathroom for a spot of learning before bed with these colourful letters and numbers featuring all 26 letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 0 to 9. The set is non-toxic and each piece floats on water – and sticks easily to the sides of the bath or tiles when wet.