Waste no whale tails!

Waste no whale tails!

At Love Ocean, we hate waste. In the production of our Love Ocean Kids products, we do everything we can to minimise waste in our supply chain. However there are some things that we just can't get around - like the packaging we use to make sure your whale tail bottle reaches you in perfect condition. (And we hope that the next time you purchase our product it's a refill pouch). 

We've made this packaging as eco-friendly as we can - recycled and recyclable - but before your packaging makes it to your recycling bin, we thought that your little ones could use the whale tail insert for some creative fun. We've come up with some suggestions for how you can use it for a playful whale of a time!

- Trace around the edges of the insert for a perfect little whale template - great for kids to decorate and let little imaginations run wild

- Cover the template in tissue paper, sequins and patterned paper 

- Create an ocean-themed mobile  

- Imagine a beautiful under-the-sea scene with Little Blue, our whale mascot, and his friends

We want to see what the talented little hands in your life accomplish! With their name and age, post your children's artworks on Instagram and tag us, @we.love.ocean, or email us at hello@loveocean.com, for the opportunity to be in the running to win a year's subscription to Love Ocean.