Make a difference in your community

Make a difference in your community

We've always been big believers in the power of community. And after everything 2020 brought, it's more important than ever.

Community is one of the key reasons we’re building our LO Pod. To create and sustain a network of like-minded people and to share experiences, time and care is something we've always valued, but in the long shadow still being cast by the events of the past year, it feels even more precious.

When the first lockdown was announced, nationwide volunteer numbers soared and may prove to be one of the most positive legacies of the past year as many people continue to give their time and experience to charities and services. And there are lots of ways and things we can all do to get involved.

If you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer in your area, your local council may be a good place to start – or check online where many of the many community and neighbourhood message boards that were set up in the first wave of the crisis are still going strong.

Alternatively, websites such as do the sifting for you – simply type in your postcode for a round-up of registered local opportunities. Many – such as local telephone befriending services – require as little as an hour of your time per week, but the benefits of a good deed done, for both recipients and yourself, are immense.