So nice to meet you!

So nice to meet you!

If you’re reading this post then you’ve found your way to our new website, Love Ocean. Thanks so much for joining us!

Love Ocean is a labour of love for our founder, Gabi Jennings, who was inspired by her children playing on the beaches of her beloved Isle of Wight. You can find out how she came to conceive this singular brand and its powerful ethos in her Ocean Tales story – and meet the rest of the LO team here.

Inspired by the whale tail that plays such a big part in our brand, we call ourselves the Love Ocean Pod – and we're all committed to doing our part in building a better tomorrow.

So who – and what – are we?

As a brand, Love Ocean is commerce-with-a-cause. No one is – or ever can be – perfect and part of our mission is to make the often confusing world of sustainability a little easier to get on board with. After all, change can only really happen if we all participate.

Over the next few months, we’ll be revealing more about the products we’re creating for your family. In the run-up to that, we want to introduce you to our ideas and our ethos, the Love Ocean promise and invite you to meet and spend time in our community.

So finally, an invitation: if you’d like to join us on our journey, sign up to our newsletter for a monthly burst of inspiration (and to hear about our products first) and follow us on our social channels – links are at the top of the page.

Welcome to the Love Ocean Family – together, we'll navigate our way.