The Team

Gabi Jennings

Love Ocean founder

Inspired by her children's love of bath time, Gabi set out to create products that are as safe for their skin as they are for our oceans. Her vision for Love Ocean is to build a worldwide community that shares her passion.

Lorna Mitchell

Product development director

From ingredients sourcing through to the production and packaging of our iconic signature bottle, Lorna ensures our ethos and brand vision remains clear and consistent through every element of our range.

Nathalie Mountain

Head of operations / photographer 

Nathalie manages all our budgets and deadlines. In her twin role as official Love Ocean photographer, she brings our creative vision to life – and oversees its seamless integration across all visuals and design.

Rhiannon Thomas

Director of communications & brand partnerships

Rhiannon is responsible for building and bringing together our burgeoning Love Ocean community – and for creating meaningful partnerships with like-minded brands.

Team and community have been incredibly important in building our brand. The founding team – handpicked by Love Ocean creator Gabi – have, from the very start, not only been committed to creating an inspiring, innovative, sustainable range of products, but also to building a brand with heart. One that enshrines the ethics of our business and reflects the people who make it. Together, Gabi, Lorna, Nathalie and Rhiannon are furthering the Love Ocean ethos: the desire to do better, to be better, for the benefit of those who come next.

Our joint mission to shift attitudes by informing, educating and empowering our consumers to create the wave of change that's needed for us to live with plastic sustainably.

Welcome to Love Ocean.