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Subscription Refill

About our Subscription Programme

At Love Ocean, our mission is to reduce the amount of single use plastic in the home. Our signature whale tail bottle is designed to be refilled and reused again and again, and our refill subscription programme is designed to be as easy, affordable and sustainable as possible.  Subscribe to one pouch or two and enjoy savings that start today!

How does it work?

With delivery charges included, the subscription programme ensures that a 1 litre replenishment pouch arrives direct to your door every three months - minimising our carbon footprint by delivering quarterly - and containing enough product to refill your bottle over three times. 

£5 to Refill!

Subscribing to Love Ocean’s refill programme is much more cost effective than buying individual bottles or pouches (and it’s much better for the environment too). Subscribing to a two-pouch subscription programme equates to just £5 to refill your bottle - that’s more than a 40% saving! And for single pouches it's £5.20 per refill.

Transparent Pricing

We want to be clear and transparent with everything we do. Subscription charges are priced at a cost-saving £17.50 per pouch per quarter when you order two pouches on subscription - that's £35 per quarter charged - and and for single pouch subscriptions, it's just £18.25 per pouch per quarter and you can cancel at any time. 

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