A Day To Be Thankful For

A Day To Be Thankful For


Welcome to the first Founder’s Tales from me Gabi! Founder of Love Ocean! 

It can be a lonely place as a small business founder with the ever erratic cash flow issues and fluctuating budgets team members sadly come and go. I have had an incredible team of contributors and consultants around me all through this journey that have been integral in shaping and delivering the brand you see today, and I will always be grateful to every one of them, comforted by the belief that each has left their mark on the brand, a mark that will live on as the brand grows. 

It's so important as a founder to always take stock of how far you have come, the pace and demand of running a startup is such that, quite often we are constantly fire fighting and looking to what's next, rather than relishing in how far we have come. 

So today as our friends across the pond celebrate Thanksgiving I thought I would time my first Founder’s Tales blog to mark the occasion with my own moment of thanks and gratitude. Gratitude is such a powerful emotion that really has the power to shift us to a more a positive mindset so I hope this note from me today can nudge you to take stock of everything you too have to be grateful for. 

Until next month…..Happy Thanksgiving!