Gabi Loves... Beauty

Gabi Loves... Beauty

A self-confessed beauty fanatic, Love Ocean founder Gabi spent many years working within the beauty and wellbeing industry. But as her understanding of the problems being caused by plastic waste grew, so did her understanding of how just how much that industry was contributing to the plastic problem. (Statistics report that each year 120 billion units of packaging are being produced by the global cosmetics industry alone.) 

Inspired by her children’s love of the sea as well as her own, Gabi created Love Ocean as part of her commitment to reduce packaging, reduce waste and encourage a refill and reuse mentality. She – the rest of the Love Ocean team – believes that by actively make changing when and where we can, together each and every one of us can become part of putting an end to plastic waste.

Part of that, of course, has seen Gabi change her own behaviour. She still loves beauty and wellbeing products as much as ever. These days, however, she channels that passion into finding and recommending great quality, sustainably-made, reusable brands and alternatives. Favourites such as these:

Gabi loves indulging her senses in L'Occitane’s excellent range of bath and body products. Crafted from some of the finest natural ingredients and available to refill, the brand is a great choice for indulgent, guilt-free luxury. 

L'Occitane refill range

Gabi recommends... 

Precious Cleansing Foam 

Lavande Foaming Bath Refill 

Verveine Shower Gel Refill 


Whether it's cold-water swimming, running at lunchtime with the kids or spending time on her beloved Isle of Wight, Gabi's always doing something active. Taking care of her skin, then, is a no-brainer. She loves Rituals for its quality and the inspiration it draws from the wisdom and traditions of Asian culture. 

Rituals Anti-Aging Day Cream

Gabi Recommends... 

Rituals Refillable Body Cream – Ritual of Sakura 

Rituals Refillable Anti-Aging Day Cream

Rituals Refillable Active Firming Night Cream


Anyone who knows Gabi knows she's a massive fan of Wild (were not kidding –she tells us all this... all the time!) Wild's sustainable natural deodorant is available to purchase on an auto-replenishment programme (which means you will never have to remember to buy it). It’s aluminium-free and comes in compostable, plastic-free refills. Before you know it, you’ll be shouting about it too.

Gabi recommends...

Wild Refillable Deodorant, Coconut Dreams 


Little swaps 
So many of the products we use in bathrooms are designed – often for very good reasons – to be used once and once only, which makes them tricky when it comes to recycling and reuse. Not all products have eco-friendly equivalents and we’re all guilty of using single-use products, whether for hygiene reasons or from sheer habit. The following are two quick and easy swaps that, like Gabi, you can make for your bathroom cabinet.

Ecovibe Cotton Buds

Gabi recommends...

Ecovibe bamboo cotton buds 

Ecovibe Reusable Make up Remover Pads 

10 Waken Mouthwash, mint