Get crafty with the kids this Christmas

Get crafty with the kids this Christmas

Christmas is coming and schools out for the holidays and the children are already driving you mad! Don't worry we have got your back. 

Here is our round up of crafty Christmas activities to keep them occupied. 

1. Get them outside to forage for craft materials

Head out to the park or local woodland to burn off some energy and while you are there collect some twigs and pine cones and other christmassy bits for homemade Christmas decoration making. 

 2. Create some 'Christmas Wishes' jars 

Find some old jam jars empty out those craft boxes and use up all the old left over bits and pieces to create some Christmas wish jars. They can fill the inside with all the old bits of crafty bits and write and decorate scraps of paper with all their Christmas wishes.

3. Homemade Christmas Crackers 

Gather up some loo roll tubes, and grab some brown wrapping paper and string and get them making the crackers for Christmas lunch. Fill with wrapped chocolates, and for older children get them to write a little personalised limerick for each family member. 

4. Hand Painted Christmas Tree Decorations 

Buy a pack of ready cut wooden shapes and get the paints out hours of fun creating their own Christmas tree decorations......for the back of the beautifully colour coordinated Christmas tree!