Conservation matters

Conservation matters

We’re on the journey to launch our all-new range of refillable, reusable, ocean-friendly bath and body products this summer, and we hope you’ll come to love them as much as we do. But Love Ocean is about so much more than the products we sell.

As you know, our brand was born from a deep love of the seas and a desire to help protect them. We aim to help manage plastic pollution and raise awareness of the delicate fate of our oceans by changing attitudes and behaviour of us, the consumer.

But we can’t do that alone. The Love Ocean community is part of a wider collective, our Pod, all of whom are dedicated to making a difference, forging new paths and inviting new (or indeed sometimes very ancient) ways of thinking. 

Each month we’ll be introducing you to new members of the Love Ocean Pod, the teams of people who are helping us to create our products and service our communities. The people educating and mentoring us in our journey to improve our practices and lifestyle. The people committed to caring for the oceans and what we leave behind for the next generation. 

This month, we introduce Whale and Dolphin Conservation who we're supporting in its aim to protect the creatures who've played a very important role in the genesis of our brand. A small organisation that is making a big difference, the WDC is a global authority on whale and dolphin issues and is committed to ending captivity, creating healthy seas, stop whaling and prevent death in nets. We’re supporting their programmes this year. If you’re interested to find out more about their work or to adopt a whale or dolphin, click here. We’ll be telling you more about them and the work they do in the coming months as well. 

And if you know of an organisation or individual you think Love Ocean should be championing please tell us – we’re always on the lookout for inspiring stories and good work to share, so drop us a line.