The Love Ocean Story


Love Ocean is the brainchild of Gabi Jennings, a mum-of two, who wanted to make a change for the better.  Just over two years ago, Gabi was watching her children play in the surf on our favourite Isle of Wight beach and was taken by their natural instinct to pick up any rubbish or debris that had washed up on the shoreline. As a busy mum trying to make better choices in the home, she’d also noticed how few sustainable options there were for kids’ bathroom products. And so Love Ocean was born…. Or at least the idea for it!

Over the last two years, Gabi’s worked with small team of suppliers, partners and friends, all committed to helping to bring her vision to life. From an iconic bottle to an ocean inspired product, the team have been carried along with Gabi’s passion, imagination and her ongoing ability to not accept no for an answer (even during a pandemic), and in June 2021, our beautiful whale tail bottle was revealed on World Ocean Day!

Love Ocean has always been about more than a product or a brand – it’s an idea, a dream; we want to encourage people to make small swaps to their everyday routine to cause a tidal wave of change, stopping the flood of single-use plastic entering the rivers and streams that feed our oceans.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far, the positive feedback you, our customers, have shared with us and so grateful for all the support we have received – this is just the start of our tale, and we can’t wait for the next chapter.