Our children are precious and so are our oceans

We believe marine ingredients are the more sustainable, natural way to care for your child's skin, and so preserving our oceans is essential to protect these resources for generations to come.

Our Story

Love Ocean was created by Gabi Jennings, a mum-of two who wanted to find more sustainable and natural bathroom and skincare products for her children.

As a coastal dweller and sea swimmer Gabi has always been a believer in the power of the ocean to support our physical and mental wellbeing, but she was also acutely aware of the increasing pollution piling up on our beaches.

Her idea was simple- what if we could bottle the goodness of the ocean and bring it to bathtime, and at the same time, reduce the amount of plastic bottles ending up in the ocean?

Caring For Skin

Gabi worked with a small team of expert suppliers and dermatologists to create a 99% natural formula for childrens bathtime products that would be kind to the most sensitive of skin and designed a hassle free refill and subscription scheme to make it easy for customer to reuse their Fun Whale Tail bottles.

In June 2021, Love Ocean revealed on World Ocean Day and the mission officially started.

Caring for our oceans

Love Ocean has always been about more than a product or a brand – it’s a belief - that we can do better for our children's skin and the world they grow up in.

We want to encourage people to make small swaps to their everyday routine to cause a tidal wave of change, stopping the flood of single-use plastic entering our oceans.

We work in partnership with Plastic Bank to remove 1kg of plastic waste for every bottle purchased, and to date we have helped to remove 20 tonnes of plastic from the rivers that feed our oceans.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far, the positive feedback you, our customers, have shared with us and so grateful for all the support we have received – this is just the start, and we can’t wait for the next wave.

The Team

Gabi Jennings
Love Ocean founder

Inspired by her children's love
of bath time, Gabi set out to create products that are as
safe for their skin as they are
for our oceans. Her vision for Love Ocean is to build a worldwide community that shares her passion.

Lorna Mitchell
Product development director

From ingredients sourcing through to the production
and packaging of our iconic signature bottle, Lorna ensures our ethos and brand vision remains clear and consistent through every element of
our range.

Nathalie Mountain
Head of operations / photographer

Nathalie manages all our budgets and deadlines. In her twin role as official Love Ocean photographer, she brings our creative vision to life – and oversees its seamless integration across all visuals and design.

Rhiannon Thomas
Director of communications

Rhiannon is responsible for building and bringing together
our burgeoning Love Ocean community – and for creating meaningful partnerships with
like-minded brands.