Click here: Blogs we Love

Click here: Blogs we Love

Being a web platform ourselves, we're understandably big fans of the some of the content the internet can offer us. From sustainable living, to navigating the terrible twos, here are some of our favourite sites:

Going Zero Waste

-       We think this is a great resource for living more sustainably. There's easy to digest content and simple ways to navigate a straight-forward approach to making better choices for the home and the family. We appreciate that sustainability might not always be first on everyone's agenda (time, money, commitments) so making small steps is definitely the way forward.

Vegan Food and Living

-       Although much more accessible, following a vegan lifestyle can sometimes prove challenging, so having a platform that helps navigate to products, recipes and other lifestyle choices that meet your criteria is a must read. The site is easy to digest, whether for the life-long vegan or those looking to adding more vegan-centric choices to their lives. (did we mention Love Ocean products are vegan friendly?) 

Babyccino Kids

-       A beautifully curated, easy-to-read lifestyle site for modern families.  We love their edit of lovely products and boutiques and, in particular, their family-friendly travel guides are an absolute gem (...for when we can travel again!)


-       Wellbeing is one of Love Ocean's core pillars. We believe that living more sustainably helps us to live better. Healthista is a fantastic resource to support an holistic approach to wellbeing - loads of articles and ideas. We really love their videos, great free resources to living better. 

Mum in the Madhouse

-       If you've ever thought 'is it just me?' this is the site for you. Plenty of parenting hacks and ways to make life a little bit easier. Check out the arts and crafts section for ideas to keep little hands busy. We've got our own crafty ways to entertain the smallest members of the Pod too. 

My Baba

-       Another great resource for young families. Advice is so valuable when charting new waters - we just love the review section on My Baba, a fantastic way to help navigate the whats and wheres of parenting.

The Green Parent

-       Very close to our hearts, making better choices now protects the planet for the next generation. The Green Parent supports this aim, understanding the predicament so many parents face, trying to find better choices for the home, the family, the planet. With only so much time in the day, the choices need to be better, easier and as straightforward as possible. The Green Parents helps to map these waters for us. Love!

The Frugality

-       Let's face it, choosing better doesn't always mean choosing cheaper. But there are ways to discover more cost effective better buys for the planet - and The Frugality is a perfect platform to help. Like our pouch subscription (refills from £5), sustainable shopping, to borrow a phrase from another one of our favourite brands, doesn't have to cost the earth. (love the design of the site too!) 

In the Playroom

-     We're not surprised this blog ranks highly in 'best site' polls, it's beautifully done and features loads of relevant, helpful content written in a very approachable way. We especially love the Printables channel - recycled paper of course - worksheets for the kids to play and learn.

The Dad’s Net

-       It's refreshing to see a content site directed primarily to the dads, written from a dad's perspective. We love the Podcasts, and the sense of community on the site. 

Happy Reading!